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How to Highlight the Target Bookmark in Birt

Hi , I am using Birt (Engine Api) To create Report.
I have a table with a Cell which Contains link that will Navigate to another Table Cell just like Hyperlink .I can able to Navigate but i want to Highlight the Target BookMark (table Cell ) i have used the code Below


CellHandle cell = bookMarks.getValue();
cell .setBookmark("\"" + object.hashCode()  + "\""); // Target Cell  table2
 LabelHandle label = targetBookMark.getValue();//link Label Table1 .
Action ac = StructureFactory.createAction();
ActionHandle actionHandle = label.setAction(ac);
 * setting hyperlink as bookmarklink
 * setting target book mark link
actionHandle.setTargetBookmark( "\"" + object.hashCode()  + "\"" );

Can anyone help me with a Code

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