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Develop Ledger (Balance Sheet) Report in BIRT

prince_iamprince_iam BIRT & Oracle Developer

Dear Fellows,

Currently, I am stuck with a report to develop a ledger balance sheet report. I have an opening balance for quantity and amount. There are some receiving and issuance transactions made on the opening balance quantity and amount. I am supposed to calculate the running balance at the end of each issuance/receiving transactions. This is more like a bank account statement for a particular month in which we have an opening balance and we make some debit and credit transactions and we are supposed to keep track of the current balance after credit/debit transactions.

My data looks like below,

**I am supposed to develop a ledger/balance sheet report as illustrated below;


  • prince_iamprince_iam BIRT & Oracle Developer

    I want Birt Gurus @Matthew L. . and @jfranken to please contribute

  • edited May 30, 2019

    Try the following:

    • Create a Data Set that retrieves all of the data.
    • Drag the Data Set to the report body to create a table.
    • Edit the "Issue Qty" and "Issue Amount" Data elements in the table. Change the expressions to multiply the value by -1.
    • Add a group to the table (I think you will be grouping on "Item Code").
    • Add two columns on the right side of the table, one for "Balance Qty" and one for "Balance Amount".
    • Insert an Aggregation element in the detail row in each of the new columns. Use the following settings:

      • Function = "RUNNINGSUM"
      • Expression = SUM the "Receipt Qty" and "Issue Qty" columns for "Balance Qty" aggregation. Expression = SUM the "Receipt Amount" and "Issue Amount" columns for "Balance Amount" aggregation
      • Aggregate on the group for both.
    • For totals, add Aggregation elements in the group footer columns that simply SUM the rows in the column.

    Jeff F.
    Customer Support Engineer I
  • prince_iamprince_iam BIRT & Oracle Developer

    Dear Jeff,

    I am really grateful to you. You have been so kind and generous responding threads/discussions on this excellent forum. You are an amazing resource. Stay Blessed :smile:

  • Thank you very much for the kind works. I am glad I was able to answer some of your questions.

    Jeff F.
    Customer Support Engineer I
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