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Freeze Top Row/Column in Birt Report Like Excel

prince_iamprince_iam BIRT & Oracle Developer

Dear Folks,

I am here with a relatively easy but tricky requirement to freeze the top row (header row) of table in Birt report so that user can view the headers while scrolling the detailed rows in a birt table. This is quite easy to achieve in excel but I wonder how we can implement this task in Birt.


  • It is tricky to get frozen headers to work. I posted an example. The instructions are on the report.

    Jeff F.
    Customer Support Engineer I
  • prince_iamprince_iam BIRT & Oracle Developer

    Dear Jeff,

    Thank you for the kind reply it really worked in Excel but I want to display the table header frozen in the web browser while viewing the report in the browser.

  • edited June 13, 2019

    The report has two examples. The top table is hidden for web output using the Visibility property. The bottom table should always display in your browser. It shows how to freeze the header when you output to the browser. Here is what I see in the browser when I run the report:

    Edit: I just noticed the report has an inaccurate title. I must have copied a different report to start with.

    Jeff F.
    Customer Support Engineer I
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