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Problem with Excel (XLSX) Export BIRT Master Page

prince_iamprince_iam BIRT & Oracle Developer

Dear Mates,

I have come across a very common problem When I export to excel my Birt Report containing one master page with some text element and table in layout (detailed) page. The exported excel sheet contains data of master page. Whereas, When I export the same report to XLSX format the export excel sheet don't have data of master page. Could you please help me to fix this issue that Why the data of the master page is not being exported to XLSX format whereas being exported in simple Excel, PDF and other formats.

I have pasted below the snaps of report master page, preview, Exported Excel & XLSX output.

Report Master Page:

Report Preview:

Excel Output:



  • When a report is exported to XLSX, the Masterpage header gets added to the Excel header. Excel does not display its header in Normal view. To see the header, you need to go to the "View" tab in Excel and select "Page Layout". The print preview also displays the Excel header.

    If you want to see content at the top of the sheet in Excel's Normal view, you need to move or copy the content from the Master Page to the report layout.

    Jeff F.
    Customer Support Engineer I
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