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Does Documentum Rest Service supports folder download.

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Hi Expert,

Does Documentum Rest service supports downloading folder/folders mechanism.



  • yes, you can download entire cabinet/folder and its direct contents(documents) use

    to get cabinet/folder alongwith its nested contents use:
    POST and send required payload

    Documentum Platform REST Service guide page 97 has all info with examples

  • Thanks Charan for the reply!!

    As you mentioned I tried searching the Documentum Platform REST Service guide page 97 but didn't found any info.May be I am looking for some wrong document.
    Can you please help me referring the link for the exact document.

  • Charan might be referring to "Common Tasks on Folders, Documents, and Contents" chapter in REST Services Dev Guide. This starts on pg 362 for version 7.3.

  • Thank you Johnny!!

    I checked the topic "Common Tasks on Folders, Documents, and Contents" but I couldn't find details with folder/subfolder or Cabinet/Folder Download. I can see get methods used for retrieving the details for folder and document For post methods I can see update and create Documents with content.

  • To get cabinet/folder along with its nested contents:Along with the Post request as part of payload, should I pass the properties?
    When I use the GET request , I am able to download the top folder with zip sub folders are missing.

    I am not sure about the payload need to be passed with POST request.

  • in Documentum Platform REST Services 16.4 Reference Guide.pdf, please refer to page 96, 97

    Get Multiple Object’s Contents
    HTTP Request Method and Query Parameters
    Retrieves the first page of contents or all of the contents for multiple objects in ZIP file format. When
    an object is a folder (or a subtype of dm_folder), the REST server gets the contents of those objects
    (dm_sysobject) that are under that folder. When this is the case, virtual documents are treated
    as simple documents.

    Request Media Types

    Parameters Description Data
    Type Value Range Default
    format Specifies the file format of the
    contents that is retrieved. string
    Any format that
    is registered
    in the Format
    table of the
    Determines whether to retrieve
    all of the object’s contents, or
    only retrieve the first page
    boolean true, false false

    example payload:
    Example 2-22. JSON Request

  • Thank you Charan for the information.It helped a lot.

    I was able to download the folders as zip by providing the required payload if the folder has a document inside it.
    But if the folder is blank, the same folder doesn't download and is missing as the part of zip file.
    Also is there a way to get the entire blank folder structure downloaded as zip for a complex folder.

  • I wanted to see if my Syntax is correct. https://(SERVER)/dctm-rest/repositories/(REPO)/archived-contents?object-id=0b02d154801f2e70

    When I try this I get a 500 error saying the ID, Name doesn't exist.

    When I just navigate to the location it is definitely there, and with a single file in it.

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