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Get all the fields of a resource in Tempo Social API

Hi there!

I'm creating a forum using TS and when I ask for the details of the forum with the url: "*myserver"/xapi/v2/resources/social.forum.x.xx.*****" I am only getting some fields of the forum but I want all of them.

Is there any way to retrieve all of them in just one query? Something like: "myserver"/xapi/v2/resources/social.forum..**.***?fields=all*"




  • Eduardo,

    When you wish to retrieve all fields, you'll want to specify the @all macro in the fields parameter. For example:

    GET http://{host server}/xapi/v2/resources/social.forum.{forum resource ID}?fields=@all

    This will add all available Field properties if they can be loaded. Please note that this will not load any Links. These resources must be specified by name and cannot be loaded with all other Fields via the @all macro.

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