Knowledge Base

Can someone tell me where I can find all the old Knowledge Base stuff?


The new search only searches documentation which is not what I want.





  • Mike,

    You're right - if you go to Support and then Doc Search, you only have access to the documentation and Release Notes. All of the old articles have been moved to the community itself.


    You can search using the search box in the upper right of any community page. If you search from the home page,, and select 'Community' from the drop-down, you'll search all of the old KB articles, all new KB articles, and all forums. You can also select 'Knowledge Base' from the drop-down. This will search all of the KBs. There is one KB for each forum.


    If you navigate to a group of KBs (e.g. BPM Knowledge Base) or a specific KB (e.g. MIM Developer Central Knowledge Base), you will only be searching that KB.


    I hope that helps.





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