Adding Trusted Servers Issue - APPWORK

Every time I try to add a trusted server on my gateway it log me out the gateway,

in the console I found the below error every time I click on "ADD" button which saves the trusted servers:

Unauthorized access
The error:

GET http://win-i6h7dc9igfa:8080/gateway/v2/apps/insight?otagtoken=1e8779a6-563c-41f5-a83f-91857ed29cee&cstoken=null&_=1417186110288 401 (Unauthorized)

I can see that I am not authorized to access something but I didn't know why or what is the problem with this action, knowing that if I enter a trash value to the "Backend Name" field in the trusted server's page it will be saved successfully.

so am I not authenticated to add CS as trusted server as done in below article ?

or the gateway is not authorized to access to the CS ?
or it is a tempobox / pulse module issue ?
or there is another thing causing this issue ?

Software used :

-CS 10.5.0 x64 update 2014-03 (tempobox & pulse are installed).

-APPWORKS gateway 1.1.6

-OS 7 x64 (VM).


  • Hi Hassan,

    I had the same issue. The documentation is not very clear. Depending on Content Server Authentication Method you have to configure Appworks to use OTDS or CS Auth. If CS is using OTDS you must configure Appworks to use this OTDS. If you use Content Server Authentication then you must configure Appworks to use CS Auth by adding this

    <Resource auth="Container" factory="com.opentext.otag.auth.CSIdentityServiceFactory" name="otag/IdentityService" type="com.opentext.otag.auth.IdentityService"/>

    to the section in server.xml of TOMCAT.

    Login to Appworks with Admin or administrative CS User in Appworks then add key. If the key is not uploaded to CS then reset the values in content service notifier.

    If you use OTDS, you have to add the otag partition to the CS resource in OTDS to authorize OTAG Users to Content Server.

    See also 10.5.0 Chapter 2.3.4 or 10.5.1 in Troubleshooting, Appendix Section

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