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Metastorm 9.3.1 - Importing Webservice - "Test Connection unsuccessful"

Hi Developers,
I'm trying to import into a connection a web service from our local network. The Web Service exposes 3 methods.
Everything seems going fine except that the "test connection" is returning "Connection Unsuccessful".
No other message is displayed.
Nothing in "Event viewer".
Where can I get some more info ?
Is it possible to trace what's happening ?



  • Hi Pierre, thank you for your time. Are you able to browse the web service successfully from IIS, please? Are you able to test the web service outside Metastorm, for example in Visual Studio to see if you see the same issue?

  • "Test connection" has never worked for us from within the Designer.
    We have validated using IIS as Hiren suggests, and have successfully able to select/implement the methods desired without issue an have used successfully.

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