CMO Dashboard app not working

Dileep Kumar Manduva
edited February 3, 2021 in Digital Asset Management #1

Hello Team,

I am Consultant at Open Text and I work for Open Text Media Manager, I have just started working and understanding AppWorks so far my understanding of AppWorks is good.

Out of interest on Media Manager, I thought of trying the CMO dashboard application, from the below URL.

I have been successful in installing the application and services onto my gateway and IPhone, the CMO dashboard application seems to be a simple application to view and browse assets in OTMM, but when I installed the application on my IPhone and open the app, I don't see the folders from my OTMM instance getting displayed.

I have also installed the Reverse Proxy Service as stated in the above link and provided the mapping accordingly, but still unable get the application working as specified.

Can someone tell me what I am missing.

Thanks in advance :)

Dileep Kumar