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SMTP Host Name Changed


We have changed smtp host name from registry, but some deployed process are still using old smtp host name ?
We restarted server and metastorm services but it is still same.

Error is : Failure sending E-mail. The remote name could not be resolved.Because it is the old name.
Why is the changes takes no effect for specific processes ?

It is urgent problem right now, please help me...
Best Regards.



  • We use the "local" SMTP on our server and configure that to redirect to our actual SMTP server within the Firm.
    However, baring that, I presume you changed both locations in the registry? I see two locations:

    ... | Metastorm | e-work | Engine | MailConnector (though this may not need to be modified)

    ... | Metastorm | e-work | Engine | SMTP | Host Name

    Otherwise raising a support desk may be advisable.

  • Hi Brian,

    We had changed just Metastorm | e-work | Engine | SMTP | Host Name.
    There is no other changes. This works properly before 25.02.2015.
    We have just deploeyed new version of our processes. After that we are having this problem.

    Thank you,
    Best Regards.

  • Hi Kasim, thank you. can you check that you are not storing hostname in the solution, please? If so, you would need to change the hostname in the solution and deploy the solution again.

    Many thanks,

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