Externally facing Forms using OTDS and Appworks?


We are investigating ways to present an externally facing form to contractors. We want username/password control, with the content being 'posted' to Content Server (the user list is not in CS) so I immediately thought of OTDS with Appworks.

Has anyone done something similar? I am thinking of the following:

Contractor 'account' created in OTDS.

Contractor receives URL by email and logs on using email address and password

They choose a form to submit (RFI, Suggestion, etc), complete it.

Form data is submitted to Content Server (through what mechanism I don't know yet).

Thanks in advance for any ideas,

Phil Forshaw


  • Hi Phil,

    This is certainly something that could be achieved with AppWorks and is indeed a perfect use case for it. Users can be created in OTDS, a small app can be created deployed into the AppWorks iOS and/or Android mobile containers and the content of the forms could easily be submitted to Content Server via the RESTful APIs.

    The AppWorks 16 release has the ability to mail new users with urls to download the client and also a 2nd URL to automatically configure it, the only thing the user would need to do is enter their password.

    What I suggest is a chat with your Account Executive and either myself or my team could offer Advice and Guidance.

    Best Regards

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