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Metastorm Process tables

I have recently installed MBPM v942 - On deploying, the created process tables have a new schema prefixed. Eg. process ABCD, on deploying will create a table .ABCD rather than using the default dbo schema. Can some one help?



  • I suspect you will need/want to raise a support ticket.

    We are currently on so things may be a little different. However, how is your Default Connection | Define Connection set up in your Designer -- i.e. Windows NT or specific uid/pwd? This is only a theory from unrelated experience elsewhere, but if NT I wonder if that is why objects are being created that way? (We currently have specific user set and again I don't know if is different in this respace from 9.4.)

    I would be interested in what you find out as we plan to upgrade MBPM since we have to upgrade our DB/OS within a year.

    (As an aside its nice to see these forums being used.)

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