Infocenter public access


What does it take to setup secure access to DM Infocenter (application hosted by Appworks residing on Apache tomcat)from mobile devices using public network?
I presume that I have to go through reverse proxy setup with help of additional DNS entries?
Thanks in advance!


  • Hi Adrian

    The AppWorks Gateway is designed as an edge of network device , and usually resides in the DMZ segment of the network.

    Just make sure that the AppWorks Gateway URL ,defined in the settings section of the AppWorks Gateway Admin UI is the URL you wish to expose to the public internet and will be used by the mobile clients.

    What we usually do is terminate the HTTPS at the firewall but you can also enable HTTPS on the AppWorks Tomcat as well if you wish for additional security.

    If you are also using the Desktop clients or will also be using the mobile clients on the local LAN then make sure that external hostname is reachable from the local LAN

    Hope that helps