Content Server Mobile Integration with AppWorks Gateway????

Hi guys,

I would like to connect the content server using CS Mobile app. While configuring content server mobile app getting the following error
"Invalid Response Received"
I have done the following steps::
-Installed the AppWorks Gateway 16.2.4 version on apache tomcat
-Configured the AppWorks gateway by using the public IP Address
-Connected the AppWorks gateway to the database.
-Configured AppWorks gateway to OTDS
Installed CS Mobile 16.2.4.
enter image description here
Created the proxy rule for content server mobile.
enter image description here
enter image description here
But, while able to login via content server mobile app getting error like below
enter image description here
Can anyone give me some suggestions/tips to resolve my issue?

Raghu Y


  • I think the problem is you have incorrect Url Mapping in your Proxy Rule for support directory /img

    When you create a Proxy Rule for Content Server Mobile App, you should only provide http://host:port for Content Server URL

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