Monitor.xml gives error "Unable to find the application server with identifier '...'

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I have a clean appworks installation on CentOS. After the installation I want to install the packages with the URL: http://:/cordys/wcp/cap/install?nodeName=

Here I get the error: AppWorks Platform Monitor is not ready for the application server instance '...'
The Monitor.xml tells me this "Unable to find the application server with identifier '...'

What I already checked and was fine (as far as I can match with the manual):

  • The for the correct value on com.cordys.node.url (as my tomee runs on port 8181 because 81 gives a permission denied for the tomee user)
  • The tomcat-users.xml with correct users/roles

I already uninstalled and reinstalled (several times), but with everything I do the end result is this error.

Please help so the image can be finished.

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