Using Oracle Views in Entity Import Wizard Dialog

Hi at all.

I'm pretty new to the AWP and the OpenText Modules in general.
Because of security concerns in our organisation we have a 4 tier logic in our database where we don't have direct access onto tables. Instead we have to access the data in the tables through views.

While using the Entity Import Wizard in the AWP there is no possibility to choose views. Is there any workaround for this particular behaviour? The views we want to use are kindly "SELECT * FROM TABLE" views so there wouldn't be a problem regarding a primary key contraints.

The use case we want to implement:

We have a lot of Oracle Forms and Oracle APEX applications use. These applications are using a user-rights-managment which is implemented in a Oracle database. The database provides views for several usecases where we have to choose 1 to n rows from the views.

Already tried out solutions:

  1. Using the Entity Import Wizard to create an entity based on a Oracle table. Add a releationship to this new created entity in our "working" entity. Drag the releationship into a form. Using the Repeating Group type. --> This is only possible in our development enviroment because of the 4 tier logic.
  2. Using a Enumerated text property in our "working" entity. Provide the neccessary data through 2 BPM processes. --> There isn't an option to choose more than one row from the view because of the missing Repeating Group type.

I would be rather thankful if you could provide me another idea who I can achieve my goal.

KR Alex


  • I see a tag "Answer Pending Review" for this Question but I can't find the answer which I should review.
    Do you know how I can find it?

    KR Alex

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