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set a dynamik scaling for the x-Aixs BIRT (Need urgent help please)

edited August 2, 2019 in Designing reports

Hello everyone,
I'm currently doing a Bar chart that can adapt it's scaling on the X-axis dynamically. I will illustrate this through an example. Assume we have a table im BIRT that gives me a number of values. For this Table there are two aggregation set, one returns the MAX value of these values and other aggregation displays the MIN value of them. Now I want to set these MIN and MAX which changes every time dynamically and be set as a scaling on the x-axis so that I get respectively every time I generate the report a new scaling. I have tried all possibilities that I already know but it doesn't work. I believe I can get it work through Chart scripts API but I don't know how.

Therefore I wonder whether you can help me solving this problem as I need to get it fixed because we need the Report that I'm working on to be ready to use by the company that I'm working for.

Thank you in Advance


  • This might help:


    If the information in the link is not helpful, please post an example in this thread, not the thread from the link. I don't think any of the people who responded to the linked thread participate in these forums now, so you won't get responses from them.

    Jeff F.
    Customer Support Engineer I
  • hello Jeff,
    that is exactly the problem, all people are no longer responding to BIRT.
    Thank you for your answer. I've checked the linked you posted in your answer before, but this does not apply to my problem, since i must retrieve the Min an Max value from a table and not from a computed column in a dataset. I can gladly post an obvious example but i'm not sure i understand in which Thread. Do you mean direct on this post?????

    thanks in advance

  • Thanks for the clarification. If the main issue is getting values from the table into the chart, try moving the chart into the table footer. On the Select Data tab in the chart editor, select "Inherit Data from Container". It should allow you to access the table bindings in the chart. There is a known issue where the inherited column bindings don't always show up in the axis dropdowns, but if you click the "Data Binding..." button on the Select Data tab, all of the columns and aggregations from the table should be listed in the Data Bindings window.

    Regarding posting, it's easier for me to find them if you add them to this thread, not the one I posted the link to.

    Jeff F.
    Customer Support Engineer I
  • edited August 2, 2019

    Hello Jeff,
    thanks for your explanation. Yes,I know what you mean but what I'm trying to achieve is not to set these values as data on the x-axis, instead i want to set them as min/max scaling for the x-axis. Normally i can set the Min/Max values for the x-axis from Chart-builder as long as the values are fixed. But in my report the Min/Max values that are displayed in my table are changeable meaning that every time i use the report for spicific data it will give different Min and max. Therefore I believe this can only be done using chart scripting. So do you know how i can access these Min/Max values (don't forget they are column binding data) through scripting and set them as scaling on the x-axis?
    Please see the attached photo for better clarification.

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