Moderations Questions

Can you please help us answer these questions?


  1. Can the Tempo Social workspace be limited to assigned moderators, who can only access the moderation workspace and perform the actions, which is limited to moderation?
  2. Can Moderators be assigned per site, where sites are part of one social domain?
  3. Comments Moderations:
    1. Do all comments go thru moderation if the moderation is enabled?
    2. Does the system sends out an email to the user who post a comment about moderation? If yes, where is it configured?
    3. If a user types a forbidden word, the comment is held for moderation until it’s approved or rejected by an assigned moderator?
      1. Is the user notified?
      2. Do the moderators get notified that they have a item pending moderation?
      3. Can I prioritize the moderation item list?
      4. Can moderators edit the comment or item pending moderation or it has to go back to the user who entered it?
      5. If a comment is deleted, do the user (who entered the comment) gets notified?
  4. If an item is approved or rejected, do the user (who entered the comment)  gets notified of the action? 



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