Social CRM and Tempo Social

One of our existing customers has a requirements for ‘Social CRM’. They want a solution that will enable them to monitor and analyse social media feeds from Facebook, website, forums , blogs etc. and be able to generate key business insights, draw customer sentiments and trends from the gathered data/reports. They also want to integrate the solution with their SAP CRM system and be able to take actions from the analysis and insights.

We found some information on KC and the OT website about the OpenText Web and Social Analytics solution as well as Tempo Social. We have the below questions.



  • Is OpenText Web and Social Analytics an add-on or can it be licensed stand-alone? If add-on then which is the base solution – is it WEM or Tempo Social?
  • Is OpenText Content Analytics is stand alone. What is the difference between The Content Analytics Suite and the Web and Social Analytics solution? Which fits the above ‘Social CRM’ requirement?
  • How would OpenText Semantic Navigation fit in? Does it sit on top of OT Content Analytics engine? Can it also be add-on to WEM? How does the licensing work?
  • Does Web and Social Analytics also provide similar functionality as Semantic Navigation?

Please let us know at the earliest.

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