User password expired in Tempo Box


I have strange behavior with authentication. Some users can login to tempobox /webaccess without problems, but some users can't - login page refreshing.

For users, who can't login I see response for POST http://localhost/content/FrontChannel


clientID: "97c30f0a-4629-4515-8928-ae34c4864bda"

info: Object

   auth: false

   errMsg: "User Password expired"

   exceptionCode: "passwordExpired"

   ok: false

serverDate: "2016-06-27T06:13:14Z"

subtype: "auth"

type: "auth"

auth: false

These users can successfully log in to Content Server. If user is Admin in CS - he can log in to /gateway (Appworks gateway administration), but he can't log in to /webaccess.

The environment is:

Content Server 10 Update 2015-12 (version 10.2.1Appworks Gateway v1.2.1TempoBox 10.5.20


Content Server is Configured to use OTDS authentication. Appworks Gateway is installed with it's own OTDSAppworks Gateway is configured (via server.xml) to use CS authenticationPassword expiration is turned off in CS.Can someone give an advice where to check password expirity or tell what causes passwordExpired exception code?Thanks for any help in advance.




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