error when login to Temp Box

during setting up Tempo and login in the first Time to /content I have an error

"Fehler bei Verbindungsaufbau mit Server"


otsynconnector-log shows

ERROR  com.opentext.otag.sdk.client.v3.SettingsClient  - Failed to retrieve setting
APIException{callInfo=SDKCallInfo{requestUrl='', responseStatus=404, responseBody='{"key":"otag.api.404.settingNotFoundForKey","errorMessage":"Setting does not exist for provided key","entity":null,"status":404}', errorCode='otag.api.404.settingNotFoundForKey', errorMessage='Setting does not exist for provided key', exception=null}}
    at com.opentext.otag.sdk.client.v3.AbstractOtagServiceClient.processErrorResponse(


I can't see in otsynconnector a missing config field.

Please help.




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