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BIRT-opening or closing a Table using a button

Hello everyone,

I'm working on a report using BIRT ALL-in-one version. In my report I have a table which includes a large amounts of data. this means that sometimes the table consists of 900 rows. So is there a way which i can close the table after runtime (I mean after viewing the report as PDF output) using for example a button or anything else?

I know i can do this by linking a parameter value to the visibility of the table but this is all done** before viewing the report in any output **and i want to to this after viewing the report.

I would be grateful if i get some ideas.

Thanks in Advance


  • I have attached an example that hides a table via JavaScript. An alternative is to re-run the report when the button is clicked passing in a parameter that hides the table. The only other option I can think of is to use the commercial version of BIRT. It has an Interactive Viewer that lets the user hide and filter.

    Jeff F.
    Customer Support Engineer I
  • Hi Jeff, Thank you very much, this works for me. I just have one question regarding the commercial version of BIRT:
    Can you explain a bit the difference of the Commercial version and the All-in-one version and how i can get it?. According to my knowledge, BIRT is an open source Project.

    Thanks In advance.

  • edited September 11, 2019

    I don't know the full origin story, but I know BIRT has been available as an open source project and as a similar commercial product for many years. It started with Actuate Corporation. Actuate was acquired by OpenText in 2015. OpenText still supports both versions. The commercial version is now officially known as "Magellan BI & Reporting Analytics Designer". The latest release is 16.6. Despite the name and the numbering differences, the basic designer look and functionality is similar.

    The commercial version has additional features like more data sources and elements that connect data to custom visualizations (i.e. Google gadgets, D3 charts, etc). The built-in charting tool supports Highcharts charts (JavaScript based) in addition to the other chart types. It is more powerful/flexible than the chart functionality in OS BIRT. There is an optional interactive viewer that allows the end user to filter, sort, move data, hide data, add aggregations, etc. on the fly when running reports. Commercial BIRT also hooks into other products like iHub (which manages users & resources and adds Dashboards to combine report items and filtering on a "dashboard" style display). Newer BIRT integrations with other OpenText products allow gathering of data from non-standard data sources like crawling the web and filtering with advanced artificial intelligence processing as well as some other very powerful technologies.

    I am not in sales, so consider this description a brief overview supplied by someone who has only worked with specific parts of the product. If you download a trial version of the OpenText Analytics designer, you should be able to install it and immediately do the report designing you normally do in OS BIRT while checking out the added features. Note that reports created in the commercial version will not necessarily run on the OS engine.

    I recommend talking to sales if you want to learn more. I believe you already have the link. I'll post it again:


    Jeff F.
    Customer Support Engineer I
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