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display data in BIRT

Dear Open text community,

I am new to birt and sql, kindly be with me if its a very basic question for u.

I have two tables in DB

1.COMPANY- companyid, name, phone, address, and other info

2.COMPANY_OWNER- company id, ownername , percentage share

my requirement is as below

display a simple table report ,one row per company and in that row one cell contains all (owners - % )for a company.

PFA for more clarification


  • Create a Data Set that joins the Company and Owner database tables.
    Create a table on the report from the Data Set.
    Add a Group to the table and group on company_id.
    Add an aggregation for the table group of type Concatenate.
    The expression should be something like: row["Owner"] + " - " + row["percentage_share"]
    For the separator, use \n

    Jeff F.
    Sr. Technical Support Specialist
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