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Documentum Migration to AWS

Is there a forum available for Documentum migration to AWS to discuss on issues, approach ?


  • What questions do you have? Are you talking migrating content to S3 bucket or migrating all the servers (including content filestore) to OS specific images? We have our entire DCTM stack running in AWS.

  • Hi Jonny,
    We have to setup Documentum 16.4 on AWS for Production Environment. I am trying to find best practice, recommended architecture diagram for the same. Customer is providing SUSE Linux operating system.

    Please share some documentation if possible.

    Thanks & Regards
    Vikas Gupta

  • I suggest you look at the Docker containers support for Documentum. This will greatly facilitate the deployment of your products in AWS. Unfortunately, we are running on windows and there is no current support for Docker containers for windows.

  • hqiuhqiu Documentum - SME EM

    Yes, you need to deploy Documentum 16.4 to Docker, and run docker on AWS platform.


    Tony Qiu
    Opentext ECD - SME

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