Open Deploy fails to deploy .xsl file


we are having issue deploying the .xsl files into runtime in teamsite version 8.x.x.
it doesnt allow to deploy to this directory ( using PLC or open deploy script.
E:\interwoven\livesitedisplayservices\runtime\web\resources\xsl ( below the error)

LIB: (2) id=m577 2019-10-24 01:58:29 Abs Path = e:\interwoven\livesitedisplayservices\runtime\web Relative Path = resources\xsl\build-links.xsl
LIB: id=m577 2019-10-24 01:58:29 Receiving item[resources\xsl\build-links.xsl] [reason file_list]
LIB: (3) id=m577 2019-10-24 01:58:29 dir for tempfile [E:\OpenDeployTransientDirectory\interwoven\livesitedisplayservices\runtime\web\resources\xsl]
LIB: (3) id=m577 2019-10-24 01:58:29 -- Processing file(E:\OpenDeployTransientDirectory\interwoven\livesitedisplayservices\runtime\web\resources\xsl\build-links.xsl)
LIB: (3) id=m577 2019-10-24 01:58:29 file created[E:\OpenDeployTransientDirectory\interwoven\livesitedisplayservices\runtime\web\resources\xsl\build-links.xsl.iwtmp]
LIB: 2019-10-24 01:58:29 ERROR: MoveFile Failed while moving from (E:\OpenDeployTransientDirectory\interwoven\livesitedisplayservices\runtime\web\resources\xsl\build-links.xsl.iwtmp) to (E:\interwoven\livesitedisplayservices\runtime\web\resources\xsl\build-links.xsl), errno=5
LIB 00023: 2019-10-24 01:58:29 ERROR: Could not rename (E:\OpenDeployTransientDirectory\interwoven\livesitedisplayservices\runtime\web\resources\xsl\build-links.xsl.iwtmp) to (E:\interwoven\livesitedisplayservices\runtime\web\resources\xsl\build-links.xsl)
LIB 00017: 2019-10-24 01:58:29 ERROR: Could not get file data(resources\xsl\build-links.xsl).


  • Hi Vendim
    I believe this question is related to the TeamSite product. This forum is for web experience management.
    Will try to located the correct forum for you.
    Jos Mares

  • The correct forum for TeamSite can be found here:


  • Do you have access to the runtime server?

    There is likely an issue (possibily permissions) with that specific file (or with the tmp file). It's possible that the disk is full but that would not be specific to 1 file. Also could be that the folder is write protected from the OD process.


    Have an admin open that folder (E:\OpenDeployTransientDirectory\interwoven\livesitedisplayservices\runtime\web\resources\xsl) and remove all files build-links.xsl

    You can also check the log on the runtime server OD receiver logs and they may have more information.

    OD is a great product, but every once in a while a crash happens mid deployment and a file ending in .iwtmp, .iwold or .iwnew is left and subsequent deployments fail.

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