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Custom CSV emitter not working while Running but working in Debug mode

We built a custom CSV emitter (as per shared code on Google) and deployed the generated CSV emitter plugin jar in BIRT Desktop Designer 4.4. Run as CSV option is coming when we try to run a report from Desktop Designer, the CSV report is getting generated without any data. There are no error logs for the same. But when we debug the CSV report, it is working as expected and generating CSV with all the data.

Also, when we deployed the same plugin in BIRT server and run a report through our application UI, we are getting the following error. PFA BIRT server error logs

[Thread 38] 2019-11-13 15:09:31 UTC+0000 com.actuate.javaserver.soap.ActuateSoapBindingImpl.logException()
WARNING: The conversion from "rptdesign" to "csv" is not The conversion from "rptdesign" to "csv" is not supported.
at com.actuate.reportapi.engine.birt.GetDocumentConversionOptionsTask.checkAndAddConversionOptions(

Has someone faced the same issue? Kindly help and share your suggestion(s) / resolution(s). Thanks in advance.


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