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Chart type change is not working if drilldown chart bindings/dimentions are dynamic/scripted

attaching dynamic scripted drilldown report dynamic_drilldown_datacube
here three drilldown pie charts available; Drilldown works for all three; but right click Chart Type-> donut fails for third
first top: static cube, static pie chart; so its chart type change success
EIChart button: dynamic bindings of cube dimensions,levels,measures and binding them to EIChart scripted in beforeFactory() - chart type - donut fails
Warning : This chart operation is not supported
drilldown middle chart: is static but some Nullpointer error is coming [low priority -not focusing now]


  • please find attached independent report, executable where all drildown charts are avilable

  • I got to know reason is initial X,Y axis binding assignment; If I change respective 'Group4/COUNTRY', 'Summery/CREDITLIMIT' then change Type is working; and binding in script as
    XBindName = hierarchy_name+"/"+first_hierarchy ->
    YBindName = measure_group+"/"+measure_param ->

    but in my production; x & y are dynamic, which is part of Json parameter so I cant hard-code initial X,Y names

  • @mwilliams can you please have a look into it?

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