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Multiple Windows v16.3 TeamSite - ODBase sources > Single v16.2 ODR Linux Receiver

Hi all: I'll do my best to detail our environment, please feel free to ask any questions needed.

We currently have a v16.3 TeamSite (LiveSite) content server deploying to a v16.2 ODR Linux server which contains 5 stacks (not sure if that matters). This Content Server deploys to a specifically named "project" and path (lscs-authoring.xml).

We would like to to utilize this same ODR Receiver to accept content from a Second LiveSite source. I am having trouble knowing where to configure and or what needs to be created / copied on the Receiver to make this happen. My Linux knowledge is low-medium, my Windows / TeamSite knowledge is Medium - high.

Can i do what i want to do?

Steps we have implemented include...

2nd Windows Source: lscs-authoring.xml has been modified to define a different project (Branchinfo and project variables). As well, we have modified the runtime lscsRuntimePort variable to be different, and have changed the destinationArea variable.

I am unsure where and how this gets reflected on the Linux ODReceiver.

Any thoughts?

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