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BIRT format globally the text (HTML special characters) in Data Items

I have many rptdesign files and i observed that the strings they are displayed in data elements are not displayed correctly when they are containing special html characters(<,>). I know that with dynamic text elements it works, but i dont want to edit all my libraries and desgin files, instead of that i would like to try some event handler(or something else) on the whole content to make the decoding of the HTML characters globally when the PDF will be created. Is it some way to do it?

Thanks and Best Regards


  • I'm not sure why you are having an issue with "< >" characters. The attached report was created in BIRT 4.8. It displays the characters correctly in a browser and exported to PDF. Could you provide a report that has characters that do not render correctly?

    Regarding finding a global fix for rendering characters, I believe you would need one or more custom emitters.

    Jeff F.
    Sr. Technical Support Specialist
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