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iwat thaw doesn't seem to be launching the command

I have a command that works with "iwat StartUp" but I'm striking out on "iwat Thaw" it doesn't seem to launch the app.

On a side note - is there an event on a time expiring freeze? If I issue the command iwfreeze +1 there is a freeze event but no thaw event in the iwevents log.


  • Does not look like any event for the expiration of the freeze.

    I have not tried the iwat but it should trigger off of Thaw like you thought
    [Tue Jan 28 08:22:44 2020] root master Thaw default

  • My mistake on the events not executing the command. It was logging to an unexpected folder. So that's taken care of.

    But the time expiring on a freeze is not triggering an event of any kind, but an "iwfreeze --" does trigger the Thaw event. Oh well - it is what it is. Thanks Andy for taking the time to reply.

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