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Example to extract data from SOAP Response of Entity Webservice in Java

I have a java class where I make a call to entity webservice using SOAPRequestObject. In this case, the return response has multiple values as the data coming from to-many relationship. Is there an Java example on how to parse the response NOM object?

public static int getallproducts(String ItemId) throws Exception, XMLException
    String[] paramNames = {"ItemId" }; 
    Object[] paramValues = { ItemId };      
    SOAPRequestObject sro = new SOAPRequestObject( "http://schemas.cordys.com/SampleWSAppServerPackage", "Getallproducts", paramNames, paramValues);    
    int response = sro.execute();   
        return response;

Also when I am using Eclipse to make updates to the Java class, I am getting this error: No exception of type XMLException can be thrown; an exception type must be a subclass of Throwable

I have added eibxml.jar file to build path. Am i missing any other lib files?


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