modify iw-admin-ui

Hello Experts,

We have requirement where business asked us to put their company logo on iw-admin-ui page. I know that I can make this change by directly modifying war file under Application container but I am curious is there any other way of doing this?

Teamsite Ver -16.6.1
OS - RHEL 7.7
url - https://hostname/iw-admin/action/iw.admin.ui



  • Check out the details in this KBA - It may help you to make those changes required.

    (KB9407546) TeamSite - How to Change HP Logo to OpenText Logo in the UI

  • Thanks Kenzer!

    I have seen the article. This article will only tell how to change the logo for CCPRo and TeamSite UI but not for admin UI.


  • I do not have 16.6.1 with me now. But a quick check in browser console in 16.4.1 show this logo gets loaded from css (/ApplicationContainer/standalone/deployments/iw-wcmweb.ear/iw-admin.war/styles/admin.css), and the image reside at /ApplicationContainer/standalone/deployments/iw-wcmweb.ear/iw-admin.war/images/AdminConsoleLogo.png

    If its the same in 16.6.1, you can replace the image (after backup).

  • Hi Romil,

    Thanks for the info!

    I know by editing these CSS and image file under application will work but I was wondering if there are any other locations other than ApplicationContainer where we can put these image and styling so that after build it would override the files under Application container.

    For CCPRO I have put image files under customer_src folder and ran make_toolkit.ipl and it's working on CCPRO ui.


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