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SIteMinder Integration with Teamsite

Hi Everyone,

I have installed the siteminder web agent in TS (7.3.2) and did the configuration steps mentioned in the admin guide, but the siteminder login page is not appearing. All logs looks good. May I know which logs I have to check when there is any issue?


  • There are 2 configurations for SM, which one did you use ? Is this Linux ?

    You are on a version of TS that is 7 years old and has been EOL (end of life) so support will be difficult.

    1st try looking in Interwoven/TeamSite/local/logs and Interwoven/TeamSite/local/logs/iwui see what changes

  • Thanks Andy. Did the configuration in Windows with header based authentication. There is no relavant entry in local logs and iwui logs. :(
    Couldnt find the LLAWP process also.

  • Sorry, not much I can help, have done it on Linux but never on DOS.

  • KenzerKenzer EM
    edited February 7

    @Balamurugan Jayabalan - If you have an active OT MySupport login there are a number of SiteMinder related KBAs that can be found here: TeamSite - Product page : https://knowledge.opentext.com/knowledge/llisapi.dll/open/KCProduct?id=822 with the search term 'SiteMinder' that you can review for your current issue.

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