Workflow creation in documentum

I am creating review object Activity in process builder, the performer can either be group or an individual and review notification should be sent to all members in group if group is selected as performer.

And workflow should not be finished if anyone from group completes the review. It should wait for everyone in group to complete or finish it.

I have selected performer as someone from group and selected workflow should complete once everyone complete review in transit tab. Still it is not waiting for everyone to finish review. It is finishing the workflow as soon one from group completes it.

Please help how this can be achieved.



  • "I have selected performer as someone from group..."

    Is there no option for "all users from group"?

  • If we select "all users from group" it doesn't allow to select individuals as performer.
  • Ah right - so what you need to do is manually compile the list of performer (some of users in group) and check if each of these performers have completed the task. We did a long time ago by adding custom repeating attributes on case folder (or document) called reviewers and review_date and then after the workflow performers select reviewers, we created a process data mapper to copy values to object. Then after the review activity, create custom java module activity and assign date to review_date for the reviewer and then check if all the review_date values have been filled out. Only when this criterion has been accomplished, can the custom java module activity proceed to the next task in WF.

    This design deficiency has since be addressed in xCP.

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