Making a workflow available to EStudio only

I would like to create workflow that is available only to EStudio users and not in CCPro. And vice-versa - I want to be able to config our existing workflows so that they are only available in the CCPro view and not when they initiate the workflows from EStudio. We have a very unique implementation we are building in EStudio that will be for a specific purpose, while we will continue business as usual in CCPro for our main users, some of which will overlap. Has anyone done this, or can someone from OpenText pipe in here, since there is no technical documentation available for EStudio?

Caveat - I would prefer not to do this by branch, if possible. I am hoping they came up with a way to do this by product to make life a bit easier for us. I'm a dreamer, what can I say.



    My awesome support engineer (not the EStudio one, but the one who actually helps us on a regular basis) gave me the solution:

    In available_models.xml, to restrict a model to EStudio only , use the command element as follows:

    <command "name="publish" />

    and to restrict a model to CCPro only:

    <not> <command name="publish" /> </not>

    I have confirmed this works in both cases. Hallelujah.

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