Question about Migration from Other CMS to TeamSite

Hi All,
We want to create a product/article items through TeamSite API based on XML Input. Is there any API available in Teamsite to Migrate content/Pages from Other CMS to TeamSite?
Even If any option available to migrate the content/Page from XML/DataBase Table would be fine.



  • You can create new DCRs with any application. The trick will be to set the correct extended attributes. That can be done with the CSSDK.
    If you create an empty DCR of the type you're looking for and look at the properties of that DCR you'll see what extended attributes are created by default. DCRs are relatively easy to create externally. Page files, not so simple.

    There probably is a way to do Page files, but we never found one. There are a lot of internal ids created for each component. We decided to rebuild by hand the page files.

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