Importing a Site on TeamSite EStudio

Hi All,

I exported a sample site (which was created in EStudio) from CCPro using download options (Output format is Zip).
After that I imported the same site on Another TeamSite Instance in CCPro (I created a Project inside imported all folders/files. Now I can access these pages from CCPro only but in Estudio nothing is displaying.

I am new to Teamsite. Can you please assist me how to import Estudio based sites? Also is there anyway directly we can export/import Estudio sites?



  • This way, you missed the extended attributes (metadata) of the files. Therefore the pages (DCRs as well) are not working.
    You can use any of the following options to migrate:
    1. Use OpenDeploy (applyExtAttrs="yes") to copy the workarea content to other TeamSite. It will copy your files along with their metadata.
    2. Use iwmigrate CLT
    3. Write a script to get the metadata of all files on source TeamSite, copy them to target TeamSite along with files zip. Write a script to set all metadata after copying the files.

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