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How to show grouped aggregation data in line chart?

Hi everbody,

This is my first question in this platfrom. I have grouped date in my birt report and all grouped data also has aggregation. I have added and image. ı need to show the grouped aggregation data in line chart. But I could't be successfull. Chart does not show the correct data as its calculated in grouped aggregation data.

I also added report document. Please help me to show aggregated data in chart as month by month


  • edited February 20

    Try temporarily adding 2 columns to the table for testing. Add a data element in the detail row of each of the columns. For the data element expressions, copy the expressions from the two chart series. Then add a PercentSum aggregation to the footer of the new columns and run the report. Being able to see all of the numbers in the table should make it easier to tell what is happening.

    Jeff F.
    Sr. Technical Support Specialist
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