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Database insufficient space for migration from Documentum 6.6 -> 7.3 before moving to -> 16.4

rajesh_jamalmanirajesh_jamalmani Sr. Technical Architect

While upgrade from Documentum Server 6.,6 to 7.3 we are seeing database size increased

Before upgrade:
Mdf file size=32.7 GB
Log file size= 202 MB
Docbase DB size = 33694.94 MB = 32.90521484375 GB – from sp_helpdb command

TableName ReservedSize_MB
dmi_queue_item_s 9760.16
dm_sysobject_s 7459.05

After upgrade:
Mdf file = 63.7 GB
Login file = 28.1 GB
Docbase DB = 94129.50 MB = 91.92333984375 GB from sp_helpdb command

TableName ReservedSize_MB
dmi_queue_item_s 25193.58
dm_sysobject_s 21762.97

Seeing increase in size primarily on dmi_queue_item_s and dm_sysobject_s tables
What could be the reason for this increase? If anyone has resolved this kind of issue please let me know.

Thanks in advance!!!


  • Take a look at the "Upgrade and Migration Guide" it contains a section called "Changed object types".
    Next to other modifications the user and group related properties were extended from 32 to 255 characters.

    As the database size changed I assume you are running on SQL Server... I noticed there are some database fields that are defined as char instead of varchar...
    On Oracle all columns are defined as varchar so the database size should remain nearly the same...
  • For # queue items, this may be triggered by fulltext reindexing.  There is a admin job that deletes the completed queue items.
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