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DQL Query contains ampersand (&) Symbol

I am using below query to fetch metadata using D2FS. However folder name contains ampersand (&) Symbol and due to this it's not giving me result. Kindly let me know how can i resolve this issue?

select * from gom_engineering where folder ('/CNAEP/GOMBU/Engineering & Operations/MC - Mississippi Canyon(Blind Faith)/650 A - Block 650 Facility A/Engineering',descend)


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  • The easiest way to solve this is to change the name of the folders (ie replace & with and). I avoid using special characters in folder names for this exact reason.

  • What about submitting the folder's object-id as query criteria?

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    Dear All
    Thanks for your response however we are not able to change & with "and" but when I replacing & with %26 it's working.

  • Just remember - you will have to do that all time you run ANY query with D2FS. select, update, delete, link, etc...

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