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Need to report on timeframe within entity lifecycle

We need to calculate the time taken to complete an activity in Entity Lifecycle.
Is it possible, how ?

(Note: I tried to add a rule to set date-time property for this purpose, but i'm not sure how to fire this rule within the lifecycle, plus i don't know how to set the property to current date-time)



  • An update, i can now fire the rule when a property changes within the lifecycle,
    now i want to set a date-time property to now in a rule, how this is achieved ?
    (I'm working in AppWorks 16.4)

  • edited March 5

    The answer is simply by adding a rule, that's triggered when the state property changes, this property holds the current lifecycle state.
    To set the datetime property to current time, simply add 'now' in the source value. (see screenshot)

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