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Migrate important objects from one repository to another

Hi All,

We have a 4 content server (7.2) high availability setup in our acceptance environment. In this setup we have 4 repositories with 8 TB of data.
Before upgrading this stack from 7.2 to 16.4, we would like to setup a single content server clone instance to ensure business continuity. In lower environments we cloned both the DB and NAS filestores, but in acceptance we dont want to clone filestore because it is of 8 TB. So the approach we are thinking of is clone Database only and configure repository to use new small filestore and using composer migrate important objects like (jobs, TBOs, CTS profiles.
What are the other important content objects to be migrated for the clone instance to work.



  • Any reason why you cant delete "extra" content in lower environments prior to cloning to acceptance? We did something similar. If you want to keep "extra" content in lower environments, just back up db/data prior to deleting and restore after your cloning is complete.

    This was a much simpler approach than trying to figure out "all" the dependent objects to move to another repo.

  • Data is owned by different team, so delete is not within our scope :-)

  • Your solution won't work. If you clone your environment, the Content Server will assume that all content pointed to by objects in the repository is available in the underlying stores. And by the way, what is the value of a user acceptance environment which will be half-corrupted ?

    Some customers choose to separate business content from system content (a good strategy in my opinion). So keep system stuff such as TBOs, SBO, CTS profiles, DARs, jars, on filestore_01 and create dedicated storage areas for your business documents. This way, you could clone filestore_01 (or whatever it's called) and perhaps only copy the business storage areas with the latest business documents. And all your webapps and associated services such as CTS should function without any issues.

  • Per @bacham3 suggestion, you can move the business content (8+ TB) into new filestore that you would NOT need to copy over to cloned environment by using MIGRATE_CONTENT job/method. Obviously, with 8+ TB of content, this might take awhile, but this will give you the separation you need without having to worry about missing dependencies

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