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Compress and archive data method in Documentum

I come from IBM Filenet and beginer work with Documentum . I have some question with my case Documetum Server.
1) My Documentum Server have 50TB data store in NAS and grow very quick. I think Documentum have method to archive data input before save data to disk, I don't know what that method is ?
2) To save cost storage, The question is whether there is a way to move old data down to slower speed partitions ?
Thanks for spent time to read my question. I would appreciate it if I received an answer from someone. :)


  • See the answer in your other thread. FYI - its bad etiquette to cross-post/repost same question across multiple discussion boards. The people who frequent these boards review them all and having multiple posts is annoying.

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    +1 on @DCTM_Guru's FYI, will close this thread after submitting this post.

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