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OpenDeploy WebServices in TeamSite 16.6.1

Hi Everyone,

we have recently migrated to TeamSite 16.6.1 and the opendeploy webservices called from our workflow tasks are not working anymore. We refactored our Java classes to compile with the new vendor libraries. The error we are getting is

Request denied: Get deployment list.
Item: NO_USER_NAME, Details: Got blank or no user name from CSContextString

I already found solutions to this issue in the forums but it is not applicable in our case. We don`t have the CSF module installed and cannot copy the passphrase to od-home/etc as suggested in the solutions.

As per the latest OpenDeploy Administration Guide, it is possible to use CSSDK passphrase from teamsite/Private/etc and copy it to od-home/etc to authenticate users. We have done that. However, the sample java code they provided in the guide doesnt work for us because the IWUser object cannot be resolved. We don`t even have the com.interwoven.deployapi.deploy jar including the IW classes. (Chapter 3.1.2 Access Service Management with TeamSite).

We raised a ticket with the vendor but unfortunately after long emailing we still don`t have a solution so i decided to ask here if someone has faced this issue to share their experience.

My question is if CSF got installed for you in TeamSite 16.6.1 at all?
If not, how did you manage to call the opendeploy webservices?

Any help is appreciated.


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