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D2 Workspace issue


We have two applications as part of a single D2 instance.

A particular user, who was part of one of those application, now wishes to access the other application. I removed the user from the existing application contexts and added the user to the contexts applicable to the second application.

I deleted the x3_preferences object for this user and then asked the user to login to D2.

However, the user is still seeing the workspace related to the earlier application.

Fortunately, we are still in the DEV environment and I'd turned on the trace level to DEBUG for the D2-Client. I see the below in the logs:

- c.e.d.d.w.s.c.D2X3ConfigService[ ] : Restoring default spaces.
- c.e.d.d.w.s.c.D2X3ConfigService[ ] : Listing default spaces : 
- c.e.d.d.w.s.c.D2X3ConfigService[ ] : - not adding default space : WS Multiple Views - not allowed by context
- c.e.d.d.w.s.c.D2X3ConfigService[ ] : D2X3ConfigService.getUserLastSpaces end 0.203s 

From the log above, the default workspace related to the second application (WS Multiple Views) is not loaded because it is "not allowed by the context". This means the context still refers to the earlier workspace. But why?

So I decompiled D2X3ConfigService class and found the relevant code but it still does not tell me where I should clear the context of the previous workspaces. Help!


  • Try refresh the cache from D2-Config.

  • That worked.

    What are the implications of doing this in production with active user sessions? How will this impact the other users?

  • It should be obvious. There would be slight performance hit for all users until the cache is rebuilt.

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