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TS/LS/OD reliance on JAVA_HOME

16.6.1 suite

you must set JAVA_HOME to 11.0.4 Oracle/AdoptOpenJDK.

On a TS server, no big deal, though we have a different group that manages system wide changes and even if we own the server it is problematic.

However on OD receivers. we do not own or control those boxes, they are owned by the application team. Those teams are not going to like to be forced to use a specific java. What is really annoying is you can see in a few OD scripts, that OD is reading JAVA_HOME out of a file created during install (/etc/defaultjdkhome) :

sets JAVA_HOME value from /etc/defaultjdkhome


if [[ -f "$file" && -s "$file" ]]; then

This is not everywhere, and I am not certain how TS or LS will behave without JAVA_HOME set.

Anyway I have a feature request WCM-31029 if anyone thinks this might be an issue you should get your company on it.

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