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Where does output of WR Trigger go

[I tried posting this to WebReports forum but can't find it in list of categories]
  I'm experimenting with WR triggers.  If I put a trigger on a folder tree for Category change events, where does the output go? I tried setting the destination to a node but have seen no evidence that the event is even triggered.  it occurred to me that WR triggers might only write to the log files.  If so I am going to have to create a ticket to gain access to the log files (bureaucracy!!).   Otherwise, if I have a WR that is the target of a Category update trigger, what would prevent it from firing?  I've currently got the simplest of WR's in place. It contains this:
Trigger Event: [LL_REPTAG_TRIGGER /]

  Assuming I get all this to work, does the CategoryChange event get triggered every time you add an object with metadata? Or does it only get triggered on an existing object when you apply a category, remove a category, or update values?  The answer may well have us abandon this as an approach. We were looking at something to detect a change to a particular attribute on a business WS that is inside a folder tree, and then do an action on its contents based on that attribute value.  The other way to do it would be to do a scheduled report that checks the daily rows of the DAuditNew table for any such category change, or I might do a hybrid approach - use trigger to capture the object that changed and the new attribute value, and a scheduled job to process those rows.


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    Searched the forums for WebReports, the first three hits were all in the Developer Network > AppWorks for Developers forum. So moved this thread there, hope that's alright.

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  • WebReports is not AppWorks - it's part of Content Server.  I did manage to do a duplicate posting in the WebReports forum. I just couldn't find it on the list of categories when I was posting from draft.
  • The Webreports forum is here: https://forums.opentext.com/forums/support/categories/cs-WebReports-and-ActiveView
  • The WebReport should write to the destination if triggered so you should see a node created. Have you enabled the subtype for whichever node you want the trigger to run for in the admin pages? WRTrigger is disabled for all subtypes by default.

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