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Content Server Mobile - Stay signed in

Hello- Is there a way to keep Content Server Mobile signed in for a week or at least more than an hour?  Right now when I test this it logs out each time the app does a light recycle.  With iOS when an app is in the background for a short period of time (a few hours or so) it will recycle.  I have configured the MDM Settings in Appworks Gateway to save password on device and set to store it for 7 days.  But that doesn't seem to have any affect with CS Mobile. 

Having to enter full credentials every few hours or even every few days is quite arduous on users.   

Thanks for any info!


  • I should have included our environment:
    OTCS 16.2.9
    OTDS 16.6 (directory sync with Active Directory)
    OTAG 16.7
    CS Mobile 20.2
  • Appu NairAppu Nair Livelink Rocks!
    OTCS Cookie has a setting of not expiring that is all OT CS cares for really have you done that?It is in security params...
  • Thanks for the quick feedback.  Our cookie is set to 30 minutes!  I will increase it and report back.  Thanks!
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