Load balanced Content Server Mobile setup

Hello- Does anyone know if the Appworks Gateway servers hosting Content Server Mobile can be set up in a load balanced configuration and if so if there are any settings that should be part of it (e.g. stick sessions)?  We use F5 for load balancing.

I'm assuming that it will work fine because OTAG and the CS Mobile app on OTAG are essentially a passthrough to OTCS from the mobile app but just wanted to see if anyone has done this successfully or not before I get it set up.  

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    CS can work with any LB and with any kind of algorithm. Sticky is not needed. many people include sticky because the programmers do not really know how CS works. On the first attempt after an authentication token was raised by OTDS, the call gets sent to an instance of CS, if the person is found then there is a cookie called LLCookie.The LLCookie is all that is needed for subsequent authentication and it goes by what you set. Problems happen if  the LLCookie is tied to a server instance IP/Client . To a great extent you will be OK if you have sticky because then all calls are going to the same server but in true LB sense you really have no advantage.

    OT will not be able to give you a good recommendation because these are all different products, running cross-domain involving ccokies of their own but some trial and error you can get some benefit. In Linked In search for an old post by David Kinchlea . If you have the power to service many sessions on the same instance sticky is preferred because then you know you won't get a cookie problem :)

    a recent post someone asked and I provided input


  • Awesome feedback.  Thanks Appu!
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